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When it comes to ensuring fire protection and safety, you can rely on our team. Count on us to carry out our tasks with precision and efficiency. Maven Fire Protection Services is a dependable choice, ready to be your trusted partner for all your fire protection requirements.

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Maven Fire Protection encompasses customer service, craftsmanship, and integrity. Speaking with any of our clients, superior customer service, detailed craftsmanship, and impeccable integrity are what make our company one of the most sought after in the industry.


In an industry that is fueled by over-charging and opaque pricing, we aim to lead the next generation in fire protection and change the construction-to-client relationship. We will achieve this by transparent pricing and premier customer service.

team of experienced

We are a locally owned and operated company bringing 80 years of accumulative knowledge into the industry.


We are committed to providing excellent customer service and guarantee prompt response times to inquiries, clear communication, and effective resolutions to any issues or concerns related to fire protection services. We strive to ensure customer satisfaction by delivering reliable and professional support to meet your fire safety needs efficiently and effectively.

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We are here to answer any questions that you may have. Email us with any questions or visit our pricing page to take a look at how we price our services. We also offer free consultations as well. One of our skilled professionals will come out to the site to get you an estimate on the job or project.